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Inspirations, Products, Fabrics and Print Fantasy. Get the latest trend updates.

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Textiles and Design.

Trends and Development

Different textile trends are available to start the textile design of patterns and all-overs. You are supported in a targeted consultancy where material and design are developed according to the product.

Texture is Interaction.

Fabrics as a distinctive sign.

With us you not only discover a world of trends, but you design each model and fabric by browsing guidelines you can purchase and if you need to start a personalized textile consultancy based on your needs we create patterns and all-overs bespoked to the your product.


Inspirations, Products, Fabrics and Print Fantasy. Get the latest trend updates.

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Patterns and All Over Print

We Design and Develop your Products with Excellent Expertise

Design and Development

Apparel and Textile Design

Textile Print and Product Development

Design of patterns and all-over textiles with creation of print forms including Pantone codes.

Product and Development.

Product Ideas Gallery

From textile design to clothing with the creation of handmade and digitized sewing patterns for women and men.

Fabric design requires study and skills and allows you to have exclusive textile patterns for each of your collections, any product you want to create.


Redesign and Styling

Textile is 80% of the style and quality of your product

We create any textile printing module for your product.

Color Forecast

Choice and colors for textiles

Total Color

Color is the first distinctive sign of product.

We choose the color to create the personality of your brand, be recognized, stand out, but not only. Through careful research, we establish how your typical customer experiences color.

Colors and Trends

Like interior design, fashion also needs a setting.

The social network we live with is dense and segmented and the perception of color has changed. The new generations perceive color in different forms and sooner or later the change will have to be addressed.

To delve deeper into these topics we hold seminars on color where design merges with sociology and customs. Color is the spirit of our way of dressing, it is culture and if you don’t see it, trust the experts.

Diversified Archives For Every Need

Redesign and Stiling

Textile Ideas and Patterns

Various Sources and Original Solutions

Stop and look at the fabrics around you, what do you see? Patterns as an expression of your products.

Is it time for a redesign?

Redesign and Styling in Exclusive Packages

Ready for changing trends.

Are your collections timeless?

Design and fabrics ready for every clothing need.

Textile Package Offers

Fabric Research – Textile Design

Textile Design

Each pattern has its own history and evolves through design.

Textile is the face of clothing.

Fashion speaks through textiles.

Technique and Competence

Various Types of Printing and Finishing Techniques.

From the textile project to printing on fabric for your samples.

Ready-made pattern packages including printing modules.

Give your collections the right personality.

Through fabric we create a diversified and quality product identity for you.

Finishes for various uses.

Your request is the starting point.

Our textile project can have uses in clothing, bags and shoes.

We start from the brief and look for dedicated solutions.

From textile design to printing on fabric for your samples.

Optimize times and rely on professionals.

Ask for a free quote and you will get the targeted service you have been looking for for a long time.

Give a touch of freshness to your samples.

Textile Art.

Brands and Iconic Products.

Artists and designers have created timeless fabrics.

The fabric is like your trademark.

We study your textile modules.

The fabric must represent your brand.

Without iconic patterns there is no history.

Textile is quality, identity, innovation and trend.

We Develop the Product for Woman and Man

From the Textile Design To The Sewing Pattern up To The Finished Product.

The textile project to create print patterns can be combined with pattern making until the development of the product samples you need. This way you lighten the internal development by relying on experts with twenty years of experience to give your product quality and details that could escape you without an external comparison.

Product Ideas and Tech Packs

We Create Sewing Patterns and Clothing Samples for Woman and Man

Experience and preparation for your style office and product development needs.

To get updates and make items that you would like but can’t, we are here.

Textile and Product as added value.

Receive targeted advice immediately without waiting.

Conscious Textile Research.

Exclusive Fabrics.

Experience, Knowledge and Product Culture.

Here with us you will find what you are looking for quickly.

The textile and chromatic language.

The patterns are renewed and updated.

Color and Textile Patterns not only as copies of the already seen.

All Over ready to be printed on fabric.

The style starts from constant updates, keeping up with every change.

Do you have products with dated fabrics that don’t speak to the present?

Each pattern can be redesigned to measure.

Let’s start your new textile project together now.


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