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Model developed in aquamarine green cotton fabric with multi-colored mint green and aquamarine tulle inserts folded on the décolleté to create a vibration of transparent colors.

The top is a crossover model with French trim and shoulder straps in doubled fabric finished with tone-on-tone stitching. The shoulder straps on the back end crossed and fixed by a buttonhole and button to eventually adjust the size.

The border pattern inserted on the bottom of the top is hand painted by the stilista - artist Haidy Lamer who created it inspired by the feather art of the Indians of the Amazon forest who create characteristic headdresses called "krokroti" because they are made with the feathers of forest birds Amazonian. Although to us they appear only as aesthetic decorations, in reality the Indians express their vision of the world with these works and use them as rituals as well as to differentiate themselves on a social level among the various members of the tribe.

The painting on fabric has been further elaborated on the front side of the top by beads that illuminate it giving it an even more characteristic Amazonian identity.

The crossed model allows it to be worn from a size 40 to 42.

The Plume Marine Top is made to be combined with the Plume skirt and is made entirely by Studio Cheidy who can create it to measure on request.

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Measurements of the Blumarine Plume Top.

Side measurement: 19 cm


Shoulder strap width: 3 cm

Sleeve length less than 20cm

Left strap length: 46cm

Right strap length: 74cm

Top shape: 100% cotton

Top insert: 100% polyester

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