Mohair Sleevless Sweater


The designer Haidy Lamer creates collections by inserting leitmotifs with motivational contents.

The collection with the leitmotif “Passion Is Life” is created as a seasonal energizer on the occasion of Valentine’s Day but also for all those who want to give or find love.

All the models of the Cheidy by Haidy Lamer brand are created to be exclusive and diversify even if they belong to the same theme of the collection.

The creation of each model is developed with non-repeatable variations from one another to allow you to dress with originality, always maintaining a unique identity.

The mohair blend sleeveless sweater was entirely handmade including the Naif-Pop style embroidery.

The model was created to be superimposed on blouses such as sweaters, sweaters but also to be worn over: trousers, jeans, leggings but also longuette skirts, flounced skirts and with any other unlimited fantasy, even to wear it as “extreme dress”.

The shirt – dress on the front has a “V” neckline and a carré cut finished with macro-stitching in shocking pink wool with inserted crepe de chine trimmings that we also find along the entire right side

The right side is further enriched by a 1 cm satin ribbon with beaded fringes. Both trimmings are Purple to enliven the Bahia sand color of the mohair wool.

The front of the sleeveless shirt has the emblem of the “Life is Passion” embroidery made with patchwork on tartan twill fabric and studded with multicolored beads.

The entire mohair sweater is studied on asymmetry starting from the two different lengths of the sides as well as from the positioning of the embroideries: flowers, writings and star in pink sequins.

The Haidy Lamer signature is also embroidered on the front at the bottom of the left side.

The sleeveless sweater is fastened at the center back of the back at the neck position with a daisy-shaped button and satin flying buttonhole. The back has a “V” neckline like the front.

Always in the back of the sweater there is a geometric opening that reveals a glimpse of the back 10 cm deep, bordered by crepe de chine trimmings surmounted by small multicolored velvety flowers.

When worn, the sleeveless sweater remains softly in shape without tightening.

Shirt length on the center back measures 66 cm

The length of the right side measures 77 cm

The length of the left side measures 60 cm

Front neckline depth 18 cm

The total chest circumference across the breasts (including back and front) measures 90cm

The waist circumference (including back and front) width 82cm

The total pelvis circumference (including back and front) measures 90 cm

Armhole opening measures 32cm

Shoulder width 21cm

60% Mohair

30% Polyamide

10% Wool


Hand washing at 30° is recommended. Dry away from heat sources and spread out on a horizontal surface. Given the delicacy of the workmanship, avoid ironing on the embroidery parts as it could suffer irreparable damage.

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