Denim Life Is Passion


The designer Haidy Lamer creates collections by inserting leitmotifs with motivational contents.

The collection with the leitmotif “Passion Is Life” is created as a seasonal energizer on the occasion of Valentine’s Day but also for all those who want to give or find love.

All the models of the Cheidy by Haidy Lamer brand are created to be exclusive and diversify even if they belong to the same theme of the collection.

The creation of each model is developed with non-repeatable variations from one another to allow you to dress with originality, always maintaining a unique identity.

The blue denim in size M (42 IT) with 5 pockets is high-waisted and wide over the entire leg starting from the hips.

The “Life is Passion” denim features a low crotch and ends at the bottom with a fringed motif and is characterized by hand embroidery on the front and back of the trousers. The embroidery on both sides, characterized by the repetition of stitched micro-stars, is machine made.

The writing “Life is Passion” is made with transfer. The pockets on the front are edged with multicolored cannet beads.

On the back we find the Haidy Lamer denim embroidery on the left pocket while on the right side we find the signed label applied to the pocket and the patch on the strap with the initial “H” relating to the name of the designer Haidy Lamer.

The length of the trousers measured on the side starting from the waist (including the waistband) is 1 m in cm.

The total waist circumference (back and front) measures 79 cm wide.

The total circumference of the pelvis (back and front) measures 94 cm in length.

The depth of the crotch of the trousers taken from the center back starting from the waist (belt included) measures length 41 cm.

Pants bottom width 63 cm.

The “Life is Passion” denim by Haidy Lamer has also been embellished with hand-crafted gold stars on the front bottom of the trousers.

100% cotton

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