Chanel Blazer


The designer Haidy Lamer creates collections by inserting leitmotifs with motivational contents.

The collection with the leitmotif “Passion Is Life” is created as a seasonal energizer on the occasion of Valentine’s Day but also for all those who want to give or find love.

All the models of the Cheidy by Haidy Lamer brand are created to be exclusive and diversify even if they belong to the same theme of the collection.

The creation of each model is developed with non-repeatable variations from one another to allow you to dress with originality, always maintaining a unique identity.

Blazer in Chanel fabric – Scottish is characterized by two solid color patch pockets with multicolor grosgrain.

Relaxed fit that allows it to be worn over a sweater and shirt or simply over a turtleneck.

– Size M 42 (IT) for the blazer measures from center back Length 65cm

-Neckline depth 30 cm

– Sleeve length 56cm

– Total waist circumference (back + front) measures 99cm

– Total chest circumference on the breast (back + front) measures 94cm

– Pockets measure respectively: H 15 X L 20

The single-breasted Blazer fastened with a fabric button on the waist has been customized with hand-embroidered and beaded inserts.

The Chaidy by Haidy Lamer Blazer has been finished around the lapel and across the center front with a fringed trim in black wool and multicolor grosgrain giving the entire garment an eclectic image.

The latter finish, already present on the pockets, has also been added to the bottom of both sleeves.


80% cotton

17% polyester

3%other fibers


100% viscose

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