Carré in 100% silk twill, hemmed by hand.


Timeless accessory with a textile design by Cheidy, the silk carré is a cult and iconic product that can be worn around the neck, as a belt, headband, turban, creating original and captivating solutions for an explosion of femininity.

Made in Italy

Designed by Haidy Lamer for Cheidy Studio

Dimensions: 90 x 90cm | This yoke is hand-hemmed, the sizes shown may vary.

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Mysteries and Symbols to Wear

The eclectic designer Haidy Lamer has created this series of carrés with enveloping colors and full of symbolism having fun as with all her creations

In this way the animals become protagonists; the zebra to which Haidy Lamer dedicated his first women’s collection in 2001 by collaborating with a Milanese company and the elephant, a majestic yet gentle animal, with an impenetrable skin that risks extinction due to the change in its natural habitat.

In the same way, the carré logotype becomes the composition of natural elements with the use of orchids that recall the Brazilian origin of the designer and the bees that are always part of the visual alphabet of Haidy Lamer to whom she has dedicated various works starting from 1997.

Always part of the relationship between man and nature is the camouflage pattern distorted in the pink variant, which has always been a vital color in Haidy Lamer’s wardrobe to represent emancipation and gender equality.

Collateral like a fil rouge is the Valentine’s Day carrè which contains an exploit of signs to summarize the totality of these forms and concepts where the “double beating hearts” of the designer Haidy Lamer emerge superimposed on pastel-colored hexagonal cells combined with Venetian carnival masks.

100% silk

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